Pierre Pirson

I decided not to give a title to my paintings, because in the same way I removed any reminder of the real in my work, not to limit by words the emotion of the canvas. I refuse to suggest to the viewer the reading mode imposed by the title.

Through my creations I try to express a feeling that is not perceptible to the intellect. A sense of peace and tranquility, a space where everyone can connect to their own inner peace, the original moment of being.
An emotion that painting causes but does not define.
By my art, I wish to explore the light, the vibration of the colors, to feel the joy of painting and to share to the world this joy and vision of hope. Getting out of the daily chaos and dark forces that surround our world. Everyone is free to interpret my work in his own way.

Painting is no longer a spectacle, it becomes the place of exchange where the experience of the painter,  » the initial point of the painting – an emotional shock, the choice of a color », the meeting, the experience of the spectator : his knowledge of painting, his sensitivity, his state of mind.

Exchange always fluctuating from one visitor to another and whose the painting is somehow the touchstone.


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