Pierre Pirson

“Pierre Pirson is an artist with endless energy, joy of life, to paint and express it in the sharing of his works.
He has a vision of colors, and especially a spectacular palette …!

The artist seems to possess a certain visual code, distort the image and create new forms.
Through abstract painting, he reaches the spirit of things, without showing them in a realistic, figurative way, but by expressing their essence, reconstructing them through light and colors.
A kind of symbolic complexity … because nothing is more surprising than the variety of his colors whose harmonies merge and it is a kind of powerful energy vortex which radiates a revitalizing force.
Often, a painting challenges, questions arise, looking for answers, which gives us time to contemplate and reflect on the experiences we encounter in everyday life!

The painting invites to a walk in the heart of life moving colors.
Soft and strong, violent and modest, radiant and secret, they are the language of feeling and the music of emotion.
They always appear as a fertile water and give birth to human beings, rivers, planets or precious stones.
Mid-essay, mid-confession, this work is a sweet apologia for sensitivity.

Pierre’s work is very spiritualized, internalized, which makes him very moving”

More than 120 exhibitions all over the world, Belgium, France, USA, Poland, Japan, Italy, French Polynesia, Holland, Romania, Spain, and Australia.

BWA Museum of Modern Art in Bydgoszcz-Poland, Keizeisteinvruch-Vienna Museum, Gallery of the Romanian-Vienna Cultural Office, Gauguin and Brel Museum, French Polynesia, Belgian State Collections, French – Private collections in different countries – Galleries of Berlin, Warsaw, Brussels, Rome, New York, Madrid, Sydney, Rotterdam, ViennaLiège.

– Salons Art Sydnet Australia-Berlin-Warsaw-Vienna-Brussels
– Mobil’Art Exhibition Liège
– Guest of honor at the exhibition “Art in Soum” Liège
– Winner of the Art fair château de Oupeye – Liège
– Art-Event Exhibition Antwerp, Namur, Brussels Art Fair, Ghent
– Exhibitions in over 80 Galleries

Pierre Pirson Expositions

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